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Page 1 Challenge


A United States Marshal is relocated to an isolated town. The townsfolk of Invictus are backward, insular, prejudiced and superstitious. When the body of a hiker is found ripped to pieces in the surrounding woods, Invictus dark secret rears its head, and threatens to destroy the very town.

Page 1

The Marshall had been sighted in on his prey for several minutes now, though it seemed like hours. The quarry, an ominously large black shadow, partially obscured by a barrier of fallen oak trees. "I see you", he whispered to himself, finger resting on the trigger guard of his cocked shotgun. Five hikers killed in animal attacks over the space of three weeks. Twelve agonizing nights searching for this thing, this man-eater. Tonight, it would all be over, the minute it showed its bloody muzzle.

'Come on Winnie', he thought with a hysterical grin stretched across his face. 'Strike a pose so Christopher Robin can blow your face off'. The woods were silent, not even a breeze was stirring. That silence broke unexpectedly, with a low insistent beeping sound, like a distress call being sent in Morse code. S-O-S, S-O-S, S-O-S, dammit! His watch alarm! Looking down at his wrist for barely three seconds he wondered how he could have forgotten something so small, yet so important as he turned off the chimes before resuming his sniping position. The shape...was gone. He had a moment to register bewilderment, shock, anger, but not fear.

Not yet. 'Bears don't move that fast, not without making a sound...'

He turned at the last second, the roar deafening him even as it struck. The beast was fast, faster than it had any right to be, given its size. He barely took in its hell sent features, but what he did see made him desperate to wake up from this nightmare.

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