Outlier Chronicles: A Graveyard of Stones

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    Fiction: Sci Fi/Fantasy, Urban
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Page 1 Challenge


After seven years of following dead ends for information on her mysterious past, Sarah returns home to find that the answers she sought weren't the answers she wanted as she faces a force that threatens to tear apart her town, her family and her sense of self.

Page 1

Musk, dirt and blood.

The warm, summer night air turned what would have just been an uncomfortable smell into a suffocating odor inside the delapidated apartment. The kind that seemed to enter into your chest and just sit there, heavy and thick.

Sarah hated all manner of hallways and narrow entrances, though she would never admit to being claustrophobic. She shivered and quietly crept across the wooden floor. At least it was a short one.

The pale moonlight streaming in from the window illuminated the small den at the end of the hallway in an errie blue glow. It looked to have once been a nice apartment, but time and vandalism had ruined it. A small kitchen sat adjacent to the den with another short hallway, bathed in blackness, between them. Long enough, she assumed, for two, maybe three bedrooms. An old, mildewed mattress near a far wall was the only furniture she could make out.

The homeless had a habit of squatting in these old abandoned buildings. Unfortunately for the homeless they were also perfect hunting grounds for all manner of things that went bump in the night. No one investigated the brutal shredding of a homeless man and they surely didn’t listen to the few lucky enough to escape, howling about monsters and demons. But she wasn’t here to hunt monsters or save the innocent from certain death at the hands of one. Not tonight anyways.

“Is anyone in here?” Sarah called, easing past the foyer wall to her right. Only the creaking floorboards answered.

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