The Prison

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Page 1 Challenge


In the future, capital punishment is outlawed in favor of exile.  Two men, one guard and one prisoner are locked together for life on a distant planetoid.  The brutal guard heaps abuse on the amnesiac prisoner who has a secret locked in his memory that will change them both.

Page 1

Chapter 1

Date: 2255 A.D.

Glenn Parsons looked out the window and sighed deeply.  The view from the window showed nothing but black with a few small pinpricks of light.  He shivered involuntarily.  The temperature controls were clearly set far too low for his comfort, but he wasn’t entirely certain if his shiver was from the chill or from the sinking realization of his fate.  His fate, he thought ruefully, was a near certainty now, coming as the result of a string of bad decisions.  Nothing he would do for the rest of his life could change that.  He pressed his hands against the cold glass of the window and hung his head.  In all likelihood, he would never leave his next destination.  Part of him wanted to fling his body against the window, to pound clenched fists against the walls, or any number of other possible expressions of his rage and frustration.  Inside, however, he knew that it would do no good.  It would change nothing.  He was, all in all, a man resigned to his fate.

Glenn gazed around the small cabin that he occupied.  Intellectually, he knew that the ship was moving, but he had been on it long enough that he barely registered any sensation.  It was the longest journey that he had ever been on, both physically and mentally.  Every second on the ship took him farther from family, friends, and comfort of any kind.  It was a very lonely feeling and bleak despair flooded through him.  He gathered what inner strength he had and focused on the contents of the cabin.

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