Lucy's Rabbit

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Page 1 Challenge


There’s so many things nine year old Lucy Jones can’t do. Her teacher, her family, her so-called friends are always reminding her she's useless. But when her pet rabbit is shot dead by the grouchy old guy next door, Lucy shows them all there’s something she can do.

Page 1

The stone shifted, just a little. Lucy stared at it not sure what she was looking at. Was it a rock or some weird bug that looked like a rock? She couldn’t see legs or those things that stuck out of their heads. It was a little bit of gravel scrabbling in the gutter in the sun. Like a sausage spitting in a frying pan. Is this what rocks did when they were hot? She’d never seen a rock do this and she was already nine years old so surely she’d have known about it by now.

She watched it travel just a little way up and over a bit of deformed plastic, up and over till it reached the side of the bitumen road, shimmering in the heat. She wondered if the rock could climb up and over onto the road.

But then Billy scraped past her on his bike, leaving her spluttering in a cloud of dust and Billy’s laughter.  Bloody Billy Jones. He was a tick and no mistake, even if he was her brother.  He was a big freckled big-nosed tick.

The dust cleared and she looked for the rock but it was gone.

“Lucy!” Mum’s voice boomed behind her and she turned to see her mother on the step, baby sat all wet-nappy-sag on her big hips, sweat spreading like a tea stain under her wobbly arms.  Mum filled the doorway like a troll from one of Susan’s stories. Susan was the only one who told Lucy stories, reading from her big book of Australian Fairy Stories for Children in the evening light in the room they shared out on the converted porch.  Susan was too old for fairy stories.

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