The Bagel Shop Diaries

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Page 1 Challenge


You'd better watch out the next time your sitting in your favorite local watering hole, being a chatty Kathy or a gossiping Jim, and think nobody is listening.  In my town, a very small town, that place is the Bagel Shop.   Who am I?  Nobody, of course, but this nobody has stories to tell.

Page 1

In the gossip.

Every town has one, you know that local hang out where you can find out the latest town gossip, the who's who in Who-Ville, a writer's fishing hole for odd, enchanting, and infamous characters, and a nosey body's nook for news.  In my little town, that place is the Bagel Shop.  

I'm nobody, you can ask anyone there. You know when someone asks "Who’s that?" and they answer "Oh, that's nobody."  Well that's me.  I’m a shadow, an outcast, a starved artist, a down-on her-luck divorcee, a possessed parental unit, a twisted tourist, a willing wall flower, and no one's fool.  Does anyone blink my way, when I sit in my bagel sanctum summarizing my memoirs of scintillating scandal, sipping at the zesty tantalizing tea of tattle, and biting bits of bagel banter.  The girls at the shop, they're a hoot, but even they can't remember my name.  I've been dubbed, The Artist with attitude".

I've lived here for more months than I care to count, but I'm still deemed a nobody.  Then again, to be a part of this towns' in-crowd you have to be original settler stock.  A settler is a narrow-minded native who can claim at least three generations signed, sealed, and delivered, in Podunk, small-town, U.S.A.  Who cares?  Nobody, that's who. 

 A nobody, I may be,  in their eyes, but this nobody has tales to tell and yarns to spin.  So you'd better watch out the next time you’re prattling in your favorite local watering hole, and think nobody is listening.

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