Tall, Dark Streak of Lightning

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Page 1 Challenge


Would you be able to tell if one of your friends was a superhero in his spare time? After all, every hero started out as a seemingly normal person. When Anna meets Davin, she can tell something's going on with him.  But is he a hero, a villain, or just a troubled, mysterious guy?

Page 1

“Wishing to be friends is quick work,

but friendship is a slow ripening fruit.”


I knew right away that Davin Kowalski was different.  He was the kind of person who was impossible to miss: this tall, scruffy dude in a long black trench coat, often sprinting to his next class.  He didn’t say much, but he was the kind of guy who somehow made an impression. 

I was a bit on the shy side myself, so we’d never actually had a conversation, even though we’d been in a study group once or twice.  We had World Civilizations together, one of those prerequisites for freshmen that everybody has to go to, and consequently is so large that you barely get to know anyone.  But somehow he had caught my attention, despite his apparent gruff exterior. 

In class, he sat in the corner—hunched over his desk, always reading or writing something.  All he was missing was the “Keep Away” sign.  If his intent was indeed to isolate himself, it was working; I heard other students whisper and giggle about him.  It bothered me deeply, but if he noticed, he didn’t show it.  He seemed completely absorbed in his own, sad little world.

My mild interest was purely intellectual: I was curious about him.  What made him seem so misanthropic?  Was he just shy?  Was he socially challenged?  I might have wondered about such things on occasion, when I saw him, but I never really expected to get any kind of answer. 

            Imagine my surprise when I found out what he was really like.

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