The Upside To Free Falling

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Page 1 Challenge


Felicity decides to commit suicide. After the jump, she wakes up in a parallel universe. She knows for sure it wasn't a dream. Things are exactly the same, but as she contemplates her life & tries to figure out why she wasn't allowed to die, she discovers a whole new world, and falls in love.

Page 1


The city landscape looks so beautiful from up here. I had never really noticed its inspirational beauty like this before. It is the beginning of Summer and I watch as the sun silently lowers behind the familiar blurred London metropolis. This city is all I know. The buildings dazzle in the last of the fiery red sunlight as I realise that this is the last time I will ever see a sunset. The comforting energy of the sun travels through my body, making me warm and tingly from head to toe. I want to completely enjoy and savour this moment. I'm not quite sure why. If I were to die, would I remember this afterwards? A part of me thinks there is no such thing as life after death and that there is no point even contemplating this. This part of me thinks I should just get this over and done with. For good.

I look to my left, at the hectic bridge below. As usual, people are in a hurry to get home. It must be rush hour. It’s quiet up here, but I can still hear the sound of typical London traffic. I always used to despise the sound of the city, but right here, right now, this sound is comforting. I stretch my arms wide, ready more than ever to embrace sweet death and its calm blanket of darkness. I close my eyes as I lean forward and begin to feel the intense force of gravity. There’s no defying gravity now. Fierce adrenaline pumps through every inch of my body;

And I panic for what seems to be half of a second.

Nothing can explain what was destined to follow.

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