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Page 1 Challenge


This story follows Lucas Weathers as he passes through life and death, on a journey to discover the truth about his mysterious powers.

Page 1

She was in the middle of tying together some infinitely important strings when she got the call.  Glancing at the phone, then back at her work, she was unable to decide which would be more stressful: the call or her current affairs.

She could choose to ignore the call, of course.  Go about her ways and finish her work, because she too had a choice.  And even though she was a pioneer of the future, an embodiment of destiny, nothing was guaranteed.  Things could still go wrong.  Reluctantly, she answered.

It was one of her colleagues.  He claimed it was urgent.

“Great,” she sighed, hanging up the phone.  Urgency meant something bad happened.  Urgency meant someone upstairs was angry.

On her desk was what she’d been working on the last few centuries.  Currently, it resembled a colorful, complex spider web, mere framework for the eventual product.  She had a general idea of how she wanted it to look, but it never weaves quite how she expects.

There was also a photograph, framed in emerald.  It was the face of a young man: shaggy brown hair, golden eyes on top of a wide nose.  His face was hard, despite the thin smile he wore above his chin.  “I can’t wait for you forever,” she said before placing the picture face down on the desk.  “I won’t.” 

A winding staircase took her into the depths of the Aeromance.  Stars lit her way with each step, fading to black in her wake; while random streams of color fell through space all around her, like rain sliding down a windowpane.  





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