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One For The Money (Money)

A REAL CHALLENGE… I have been told that if you give a good writer a topic they’ll write you a poem or a story. Let’s see just how good you are, I’ll give you the topic and you write four stories in four different categories on four different projects. Click the link below for the project and category the topics follow the links in chronological order. You must leave a comment on other writers submissions every time you post. Four postings, four comments! Comprehend

You are on the category money, you decide what Show, Ready and Go mean.
Topics are fact or fiction: 1-You are or were there, 2-Famous Men or Women you pretend to know , 3-History truth or fiction 4- Fabulous four legged critters ... This should do for a start. The topic is to be used in each category giving you a possible 16 different poems or short stories ... more »
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