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Religious Paradox

I'm not asking You to Change faith. I just want you to aleast sit down and take a moment to read. Religion has be a huge debate and it doesn't have to be this way if people would take the time and listen and learn from ones way. Please give your thoughs to this Project. It means a lot to me.

So this is how it is. People now a days judge before they know, hit before they can see and shoot before it even gets up. Is this How God wanted us to see each other. In this faith shade of gray we are suppose to see the same black, but no. Our streets are covered in blood because one did not take the time out to watch nor pay attention.  Whose to blame? The followers of God? Or those want to see their own God. I'm not here to bring religions together to make one. No, I just want us to see and u ... more »