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I  have written most of these stories for my children and grand children. My English is bad and my grammar is worse but children love them and that’s what counts. As a matter of fact most of my friends like them just the way they are. They are short, easy to read and they make good bedtime stories. However, Beware, a couple of my stories are just for adults. So pull up a comfortable chair and sit down and read.

I love to write but somehow, sometimes I don’t get everything right. I use simple words so you’ll understand what I say and I say what I say in my own way. My humor is quite a bit different than most, especially when I’m trying to be a good host. Sometimes in my plight to make things turn out right, I’ll work on it all day and all night. Every day words keep getting in my way, words like to and too, bye and by, then and than, and many more of the simplicities I use, I use in not quite the right ... more »
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