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  • The June Challenge: One Day

    The June Challenge: One Day


    A lot can happen in a day and a night...

    3 34
  • The May Challenge: Three Things

    The May Challenge: Three Things


    Three words, many different directions, where will yours take us?

    9 56
  • The April Challenge: Welcome to the Liar's Club

    The April Challenge: Welcome to the Liar's Club


    Have you ever told an accidental lie that spiralled way out of control...... more »

    14 32
  • My 500 Words

    My 500 Words


    Get back into the flow of writing with WEbook's 500 word challenge...

    54 146
  • Russian Roulette 2016

    Russian Roulette 2016

    Politics & Current Affairs

    Russian Political Gambling as Observed by me in Real Time and Historic Background of it.

    0 2
  • Never Knew

    Never Knew


    Ever been an assassin? What about an assassin in middle school? Falling in love, fighting, killing. Will it be... more »

    0 1
  • Luna


    Fairytales, Folklore & Mythology

    The Halfbreed Demon Queen has Enslaved all of Wolf Kind, The Land is Dying. Only One Can Save Them All

    0 2
  • Ashen Dreams

    Ashen Dreams


    Natalya Votyakova has dreamed all of her life of becoming a singer. When she successfully auditions to be th... more »

    0 2
  • I am Human

    I am Human


    The beautiful, filthy & unimaginable

    0 2
  • Sexuality



    Tantric Energy, Love, Passion, Expression, Shameless

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  • Cutting Stone

    Cutting Stone


    Toby Bell is gay but his coming out story is not so simple...

    0 3
  • Once Upon a Time

    Once Upon a Time


    Crysta White is ready to start Happily After High. But when she gets there, things are much different th... more »

    0 1
  • The silent voice

    The silent voice


    Everyone goes through difficulties in life. But we're all in the same boat, aren't we? You have to lear... more »

    1 2
  • Just this Once

    Just this Once


    Juliana Glaze is a bicycle prodigy. Growing famous in her community, she creates an impossible bike stunt,... more »

    0 3
  • How I Became A Memory

    How I Became A Memory


    'I never thought my suicide note would bring so much attention, to be honest with you.'

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