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  • The May Challenge - Believe

    The May Challenge - Believe

    Alternative History

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  • The April Challenge - Spring into Spring

    The April Challenge - Spring into Spring


    No winter lasts forever...

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  • The March Challenge - Blank Pages

    The March Challenge - Blank Pages


    The votes have been counted, WEbook has spoken, this month's challenge is ready to begi... more »

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  • My 500 Words

    My 500 Words


    Get back into the flow of writing with WEbook's 500 word challenge...

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  • Leechsmeath



    People are disappearing from Westmeath, a small village with not much buzz. Nothing is left behind. There is ... more »

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  • The Universal Poison

    The Universal Poison


    A soft tragedy circle between a fallen golden boy, a fickle whimsical damsel, an aloof playboy, and ... more »

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  • The Infuriating CEO

    The Infuriating CEO


    Daisy Carmichael would rather forget the man who left her so callously after a night spent together. ... more »

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  • The Space Between

    The Space Between


    The wall of life is too unkind for the both of us

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  • Light of the Giver

    Light of the Giver

    Young Adult/Juvenile

    When the angels of the fall get a second chance to prove their worth to belong in heaven - they take i... more »

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  • Irregular



    Andrew Mills is newly empowered teenager. And with his power he must bring a sense of justice to slightly futur... more »

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  • The Escape

    The Escape


    We've been stuck in here for a day now with no escape, as far as it seems. I got separated from my boyfriend b... more »

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  • An Epic in the End

    An Epic in the End


    The last group of humans are stuck, trapped by their own doing. But it seems there is hope, can they e... more »

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  • He's no killer, he's my brother

    He's no killer, he's my brother


    She was asked to help with a favor. Little did she know she would now become an accessor... more »

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  • Age of Evil

    Age of Evil


    Another Ode to those who are depressed.

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  • The Virus

    The Virus


    Something is spreading a virus among humans and changing them into something worse than what infected them in t... more »

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