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Vincent Price Story Time


Post your strange short stories, tales, poems, even one or  two lines that shive ...more »

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Remembering Love


What if something, or may I say someone, entices you with undenniable attraction ...more »

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  • ~Chapter 2
    I really like it, the sudden rope swing incident was great.. The only thing I'd ...
  • ~Chapter 1
    I really like the storyline of this piece, a real classic love story...  The par ...

The Travel Scene Challenge


Write a short scene (max. 200 words) that includes a character traveling somewhe ...more »

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Express Yourself!


The best way to get something of your chest is to write about it!

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  • If You Really Knew Me
    oh my gosh.. totally relatable.. i have the same deal.. much love to ya gurl.. j ...
  • Gone From My Fingers
    wow, very powerful.. I understand...losing someone close to you is hard, it hurt ...
  • Punched
    Sometimes it's the onlty thing you can do! I mean give them a piece of your mind ...

The Land Without Shadows

Sci Fi/Fantasy

In a fantastical land without shadows or water, young Kaeli must find a way to s ...more »

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  • 2
    Nice, great ending of the chapter! It sounds like our world actually when the Se ...
  • 1
    Nice, nice... It's great storyline that you can adapt almost anything too.. I ju ...



There are always things you wish you would have said. Say them here in the form ...more »

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Words for Michael Jackson


Come and share a thoguht about "THE KING OF POP!"

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  • In simple words!
    Aw, I love those! I wish people could just have some compassion and see who he r ...

The Parody Hit Parade

Short Story

Rewrite any song.

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