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The August Challenge - Read it Well


Beneath the humdrum and the day-to-day, secrets lie stuffed in the cracks of our ...more »

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  • Son
    Thank you Dollys and Ernest_Lee i really appreciate the feedback. I know my gram ...
  • Son
    I Hope that this version answers the questions placed in your previous feedback. ...
  • Son
    I agree with all of you. I think i will try and rewrite it with the Master and w ...

The July Challenge - Twisted Tales


Just as your turning those final pages in the narrative's home stretch, lazily r ...more »

Submission Reviews

  • Wings
    Hey Duncan.  I see what you are saying. I dont want opinion on my novel. I write ...
  • Haunted in a Good Way (revised)
    It feels to me as if I am seeing it again through the persons eyes. Like they ar ...
  • It
    Epic love that. I wonder if that is anything like playing cat and mouse with car ...
  • Moving on
    Love it. Never saw that comming. I wonder if it is true that babies know what is ...
  • Wings
    Alec in response to your wonderful feedback that gave me much to think about eve ...
  • Wings
    Hey Chris. Thank you so much for the support. I tend to write in bits and pieces ...

The June Challenge: LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION!


It was a dark and stormy The hedgerows of Thane Hall glistened with ...more »

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  • Dance of Death
    Thank you for all the feedback, unfortunately due to time constraints i wasnt ab ...

The April Poetry Challenge


This month’s challenge is a poetic one. Stretch your visionary muscles and take ...more »

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  • Window
    Gorgeous! The last line makes it completely in my eyes. It is wonderful, so beau ...
  • An Evening View
    An interesting but beautiful transition in some respects to night. I never saw t ...
  • The World (an autistic view)
    I am not very good at poems so you all have made me feel much better about this ...

Short Stories and Poetry

Short Story

Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart.  ~William Wordsworth

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  • Letters to Herman
    I wish i could find letters like that. They are so beautiful and so well written ...

Lost Beneath The Surface PART 2



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  • Disappointment
    Really really well written. Words on paper can be a release, they can say what y ...