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Blood On The Earth's Floor

Graphic Novel

The objective of a real young woman out of the ghetto  prevaricate aggressively ...more »

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Ivy's Gift

Sci Fi/Fantasy

When the reoccurring dream suddenly gets all-too-real, you know something's not ...more »

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  • 03. Meet My Friends
    Sorry, I'm having trouble with Ivy's behavior.  She saw a freaking eye on the ot ...
  • 02. The Significance
    You have some strange developments here.  I have no idea where you're taking thi ...
  • 01. The Dream
    I like how you start in the middle of action.  Nice!  You leave a lot of uncerta ...

Advertise your writing.


so this is a two-way thing right? Advertise your writing- I'll comment on it, ot ...more »

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  • Recipe for a magical adventure:  A beautiful princess to get in trouble. A tubby ...

Reflection in the mirror.


Do you like you're reflection in the mirror? Try having two. One for the teen gi ...more »

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  • Chapter Two.
    There's a lot of material here, and many ideas which would be interesting if pro ...
  • Chapter one.
    On the use of profanity:  I'm not a fan of it.  People tend to use it and think ...

No Longer Tomorrow


So centered around the effects the apocalypse has on us, we humans easily forget ...more »

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The I Am Heresy (working title)


Fantastic Biblical interpretations by an archbishop predict the arrival of Armag ...more »

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Deep Blue


*OLD PROJECT* Writing has improved greatly since. Advise you not to read. She's ...more »

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My murderer - Deadly Lies


Gunshots break the peaceful slumber of Lenya Fox. She finds herself caught in on ...more »

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  • ~ III ~
    What does the narrator do?  You bring up she gets a fairly generous amount of pa ...