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His Antidote (old version)


"I won't leave you," he promised. My eyes skimmed our intertwined hands, then th ...more »

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  • Prologue so much for your amazing feedback in my project! Okay, I really like t ...

Losing Innocence


Sixteen year old Lexi gets raped and tries to learn how to cope.

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  • Author's Note
    I don't wanna wait :/ Haha take your time :) its gonna be great!!



Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don't resist them - that on ...more »

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  • Mirror
    Thank you so much :) <3
  • Future
    Thank you so very much for your feedback/comments! :)
  • Smile
    That's so true. Hard to admit sometimes :p
  • The Truth
    Haha often that's the best kind of writing. I'm glad you enjoyed it c:
  • Mirror
    Awwww that was really sweet :) thank you!
  • Mirror
    Thank you so.much for your motivating comments :) it means a lot to me!

Waiting To Be Loved Again


"Is it possible to love your brother?" "Is it possible to love your sister?"

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Inescapable Reality

Coming of Age

No matter how much you run, or how much you hide; reality is inescapable, goodby ...more »

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  • Part One
    I think that's great :) believe me I know how you feel. I know those future post ...
  • Loss
    Really deep thinking. These are thoughts that most people don't have. I really l ...

Freedom of Speech


The Constitution grants us our right to speak openly and righteously. So lets gi ...more »

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Drunk Dialing the Divine

Personal / Confessional

When is it okay to be angry at God?

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  • Life Lines
    I've never thought of hands having such a deep connection to one's life. Once yo ...