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The Succubus


I would recall later that I had dreamt of her before I ever met her. Perhaps tha ...more »

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Derik Iverson by Derik Iverson

Coming of Age

A look at myself. My book is either simply egotistical, or about the beauty in a ...more »

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Everlasting Life


Death. A strange sensation, it is, to yearn for it after being brought up to dre ...more »

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  • The synopsis had me thinking your character is a schizophrenic. I'm curious to s ...

The "Dear John" E-Mail Challenge


Write a fictional breakup e-mail to either a male or a female.

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  • Open Me!
    'And hence I repeat. YOU SUCK' Great job. Very funny.

Utopian Flaw


In Andre's world, it's illegal to be gay. He believes his world is perfect excep ...more »

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