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Drinking the Moon


Stories New and RENEWED destined for a compliation.

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  • The Trial of Nightsun
    Wonderful.  You know how much I love all of these, and the effect of the quotes ...
  • The Cart
    Absolutely beautiful.  I love this one.  Sometimes your kind of magic makes me c ...

The April Challenge: Welcome to the Liar's Club


Have you ever told an accidental lie that spiralled way out of control...

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Rancho toxica


Poisonous plant nursery Botanica Toxica is introduced to a business in Far West ...more »

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An Alien's Guide to Invading the Earth

Sci Fi/Fantasy

You are an alien, and you've got your eyes on the lovely blue planet, but those ...more »

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The March Challenge: Falling


Falling in and out and in and out of love...

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  • The Falling Man
    Hi Rik, It's great to read you again!  I like the way you went with this - and I ...



What's On YOUR Mind?

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  • Short-Sighted
    I'm so glad to be able to read this!  It was very good (of course).  I'd love to ...

Rejection is not FATAL!


Scared of those rejection slips?  Procrastinating submissions?  Join our REJECTI ...more »

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