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Page to Fame - The Reality Challenge


Where the myth of anonymity and the reality of accountability meet.

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  • Removed
    I wanted to give you a 5 because much thought has gone into your descriptions an ...

Etan Thomas Presents: Voices of the Future

Memoir/Narrative Non-fiction

Write alongside NBA player/poet Etan Thomas. For anyone age 13-25 who can imagin ...more »

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The Deep Secrets


A step sister is love with her step brother, but he would not admit his feelings

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  • 5. Chapter 5
    I noticed minor errors in grammar and some repetition, but other parts of the ch ...

A Kingdom Of Poetry 2


Very rare projects

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Lost Soul Prophet: Forgiven Yet Forsaken


As if the original weren't enough. This book will contain just as pondering, emo ...more »

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  • Eternal Sleep
    Liked this poem. In life we are presented with depths for the soul to break thro ...
  • Suffocate
    Good work, I like this poem very much.
  • Wolves
    Yes. We have to seek out these wolves and overpower them with loving thoughts of ...
  • Evil
    Liked this poem. One can't hide from evil or cover their head, it just has to be ...
  • Heroes
    Liked your poem. Don't believe the heroes will ever be forgotten although memori ...
  • Good & Evil
    Think your poem and "Good & Evil" is so true. I think In this physical dimension ...