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The December Challenge: The Gift


gift |gɪft| noun 1 a thing given willingly to someone without payment; a present ...more »

Submission Reviews

  • Christmas Beginnings
    Cripes, I am so slow. I had to read Rob's comments first and then re-read your s ...
  • Bang
    I liked "On top of the splendid paper, it was wrapped in a pink little bow that ...
  • Last present.
    I suppose one has to like gruesome. You did portray "good gruesome". Well done.
  • Hope
    Hey, a little here and there. I should know. I am a master of that. Eventually y ...
  • Rude-dolph
    Nice ending. Somehow, I feel you may have got that teeny weeny impatient (like I ...
  • Green Eyes Fading
    Oh, such a good read. The brain relaxes as it reads sentence after sentence and ...
  • Special Delivery
    That was a crafty piece of work. Sheer brilliance.
  • All
    Such a brilliant core story. I am an impatient reader but you certainly made me ...
  • The Greatest Gift Of All
    Superb. That is so clever. Loved it.
  • Holiday Justice
    The last 10 lines were exciting. Unfortunately my old brain (at 62) could not ke ...
  • Holiday Justice
    The last 10 lines were exciting. Unfortunately I am old brain (at 62) could not ...
  • Francine
    For someone as slow as myself, the penny dropped in the last 3 lines. It was goo ...
  • Gift
    You got me. I never thought the main person was a woman. Silly me. Excellent.

The April Challenge - Spring into Spring


No winter lasts forever...

Submission Reviews

  • Delilah
    Very helpful feedbacks. But, I like the anomalies in my story. My judgement of m ...

The August Challenge - Steampunk

Sci Fi/Fantasy

This month we're challenging you to write within the genre of Steampunk!

Submission Reviews