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  • One fine day in the middle of the night,  Two dead boys got up to fight,  Back ...
  • "wild flower"
  • "To see the world in a grain of sand, And the Heavens in a fild flower.  To ho ...

The Prophecies - The Unnamed Series - Part One: The Hidden Prophecy

Sci Fi/Fantasy

"He who walks through the valley of death will fear no evil. He will only become ...more »

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Write Six Word Novels!


Can you write a six word novel? Its possible!

Cry of the wolf


Provacative.... suspenseful... paranormal, will Melinda let the Alpha take her s ...more »

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  • Chapter 2
    Generally, this is a lot better than the  first Chapter. Chapter One had a tende ...
  • Chapter 1
    There are certain things that you do in this text that excel over other things. ...


Short Story

Short stories and things that I can't share otherwise.

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  • Dying back - {1/3}
    As snapjack has said down below, the story does seem a bit too fast paced. I lik ...

A World Full of Tears


When Kelsy Briant was eighteen, she left home for a better life- starting colleg ...more »

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  • Prologue
    This is a fantastic prologue to a book and the imagination is throoughly capture ...
  • <><><><>
    I know there isn't much to comment on but the quotes are relevant and thought pr ...

A letter to no-one


I found this man, and his letter by a tree. It looked like he was trying to mail ...more »

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  • {No Title}
    The concept and the idea that you have created is extremely interesting and thou ...


Short Story

God suffers an existential crisis.

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Ghetto cookin' with Copperdragon

Cooking, Food & Wine

Sometimes, when you poor, you gotta' make something out of nothing.

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The Time Box


First book in a series of Seven which follows Lucas Gabriel trying to unmask the ...more »

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