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A Disturbing Experience


A collection of horror storys written by YOU!

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  • We All Fall Down
    OMG! This is so sickening! Even though this is pretty good, i dont see many peop ...

Apocalypse Part One: The Awakening

Sci Fi/Fantasy

When worlds collide, the end of all things comes. Who will win, the good, the ba ...more »

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The Glass Boy

Short Story

A short story.

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  • The Glass Boy
    Wow! Just wow! The way Rodger was in some sort of hypnotisim of love really got ...

The Door


"I think you'll need to see to believe," she said softly as she unlocked the doo ...more »

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  • Very good. Brilliant story, brilliant build up, just brilliant. You had me hooke ...

Submission Reviews

  • Prologue
    WOW! the story so far is gripping, full of suspense. Throughout all of it, you h ...

The Uniques


Make a character

Project Reviews

  • His name is Ian Bont and he is a eleven year old orphan. His parents died in a p ...