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Marna LaFontaine shoulders the grief of her parents' bizarre death with the help ...more »

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  • Cmonnnn, I've been waiting FOREVER to read more:) let's goooo!


Sci Fi/Fantasy

A girl whose life is near its end meets an otherworldly shadow and the hidden ci ...more »

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  • I absolutely love this story. It's original; I've never read anything like it at ...

Reuploaded Project


Check the reupload, please ^^

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  • Whoa<3. I started reading this a couple hours ago and didn't stop until I finish ...

Help! I think I'm falling for my stepdad!


Ashley was shocked to find her mother married to a much younger man, but the big ...more »

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  • Whoa. Really, whoa. I loved this whole plot. I was obsessed with it for a week, ...

Our Tree Branches


Five sophomore friends have a secret tree where they all go to hang out. The tre ...more »

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  • Dude, why isn't there more to this wonderous story :D? I really like it. I hope ...