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Angels and Devils


Poems about Good and Evil as Symbolized by Angels and Devils

Submission Reviews

  • Oh Night
    once again, i don't really know what i'm talking about, but i have to say i LOVE ...
  • Succubus Dreams
    ok i'm really no good judge of poetry because it really isn't my thing, but i re ...

The Steampunk Writing Challenge


Write a short scene (max 500 words) that incorporates one or more key elements o ...more »

Project Reviews

  • Hey everybody!! I would love if you would check out my story "Progress" and tell ...

Submission Reviews

  • Night Thief
    i really liked this!! the narrators voice was great and i wanted to read more!! ...
  • The Glimpse into Tomorrow
    i liked the "tomorrow" part at the beginning and i didn't really think that the ...
  • Take to the Skies (Revised)
    i really like this!! i have to agree with everyone else, the dialogue is great! ...
  • "Progress"
    lari - steampunk really isn't my thing, but i decided to try it because i could ...
  • "Progress"
    JPWilder - thanks so much!! i'm glad you enjoyed it! :)  krymsonkyng - thank you ...
  • The Frontier
    i really like this!! i love you have managed to combine steampunk with the old w ...
  • Eyes of Stone
    aww i felt sorry for the poor inventor!!  the only thing i would say would be to ...
  • Solus
    okay i really like this!! the writing is very good! the only thing i would say i ...
  • All for the Love of a Lady
    this is very good!! your descriptions are great.  the only thing i would say is ...
  • "Progress"
    thank you zorian!! :)
  • The Passengers
    this has the potential to be quite good! but your writing needs to be more clear ...

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Since I never get around to finishing anything.

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