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  • Lack of ambition
    :) Thank you.
  • Right Now...
    How is that crazy? That's incredibly descriptive, imaginative, and it's awesome ...
    But, what of your actions constitutes you as a bitch? I'm quite curious. Because ...
  • {No Title}
    Why don't you go to the doctor? Or take some pain medication for it? Surely, tha ...
  • Having a kid
    EvilEvie, I can say how a baby could strengthen the bonds in families in some ca ...
  • Having a kid
    You guys are both right. To me, if I was thrown into such a situation, abortion ...
  • LIfe
    Seriously! I get it if you want to share a picture, because you're enjoying your ...
  • Insanity is Purple
    mint green, yaw
  • :)
    :) that's really good, yeah no matta what you just gotta keep smiling. cus aweso ...
  • Frustration
    Are you serious? I'm frustrated no one reads my shit on here. >.< Be stronger.
  • --
    You just have to not worry about shit. If it's done, consider it over with in yo ...
  • --
    True, but relationships are much nicer. :)
  • -
    *cue applause* At least you had the guts to admit it. I've been there before. A ...
  • Feelings
    Happens to all of us. You just gotta get off your own two feet and face it.

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