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The March Challenge: Falling


Falling in and out and in and out of love...

Project Reviews

  • No USA for me, gracias.
  • Has anyone ever experienced black flies? Literally sucks your blood and leaves i ...
  • If you think flies are annoying, try living with 5000 mosquitoes when the sun go ...
  • CHRIS! LOL LOL LOL LOL CHRIS LOL  Hahahahahaha, that's hilarious. Tails. I would ...
  • Love tales aren't my thing either.

Submission Reviews

  • Fed up!
    Ho ho ho, it seems I'm the first one. Here we go;  I exited the cabin and began ...
  • What is Love?
    LOL Rob, with this story, you're second with the most comments.
  • What is Love?
    Alright, I'm dizzy.
  • What is Love?
    Best trap I've ever fell in.   Chris, Hahahahahaha, lol. LOL LOL CHRIS LOL WTF i ...
  • What is Love?
  • Sean
    I'm very happy to see a submission from you Kelsey! And you couldn't have picked ...
  • I don't know you
    Wow. That was unexpectedly brutal but it was a wonderful transition to that endi ...
  • Autumn
    OH, K. Then I got it. Just making sure I got what was supposed to be gotten. Is ...

An Alien's Guide to Invading the Earth

Sci Fi/Fantasy

You are an alien, and you've got your eyes on the lovely blue planet, but those ...more »

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