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The November Challenge: Disappear


What if it wasn't there any more? Then what would happen?

Project Reviews

  • I'm alive. Just busy. Moving. Out. Of. Country. I'll be back. CHRIS, I will neve ...
  • That's funny. I'll pass it on to the world.
  • So many possibilities...
  • If my puppy had no legs, he would be a veritable hot dog.   There's so many what ...

The October Challenge: The A-Z of Fear


Welcome, welcome, welcome...

Project Reviews

  • Any comments are appreciated. Especially three hours before the deadline.
  • Made it.
  • Campanology. The study of bells. Who knew?
  • Never ask Google. Lesson learned. I'm glad to hear it isn't anything serious.
  • Icon, rest assured. A few years ago. I was wacked with a golf stick. Number 9 in ...

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