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The April Challenge: Welcome to the Liar's Club


Have you ever told an accidental lie that spiralled way out of control...

Project Reviews

  • Spill, spill, spill, spill, Kity.    Shut up, Jo! I was thinking 34-36! XD
  • Kity, that's hilarious! No personal secrets? Uhuh.   Happy Birthday, Momma Jo! W ...
  • I believe you, Chris. I'm gonna try writing upside down.
  • No, Jo, I didn't. But I did enjoy your personal secret, it's something I would t ...
  • Chris, LOVE your profile photo.
  • Why is everyone spilling personal secrets?
  • Happy Easter
  • There's just so many lies to choose from....I'm talking autobiographical here.
  • April Fool's prank for sure. Unless Hannah was so excited she just had to post t ...

Submission Reviews

The March Challenge: Falling


Falling in and out and in and out of love...

Submission Reviews

  • Bite
    I'll die if you don't let go.
  • Bite
    I don't think William could even get close to the Russian to pull that off. He k ...