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The September Challenge: Sights & Sounds


Our eyes can be deceiving...

Submission Reviews

  • Necronomicon
    Clearly, you know what you're doing. I'm impressed. This is easily the best entr ...
  • Upon Silence
    General: You have a gift for painting with words and world-building (or destruct ...
  • Meeting Dylan Thomas
    My apologies for being so blunt, but it is entries like this and writing of this ...
  • Medieval (revised)
    General: I'm returning the critique. Thank you for reading my submission. At thi ...
  • Surrexerunt Ludere
    Um, in general, I was confused and more than a little disturbed by the nonsensic ...
  • Chapter Eight
    To answer your questions, yes, this is an excerpt from a larger piece. This is a ...

Lifelights (Revised)

Sci Fi/Fantasy

The Lifelights were born out of energy, amidst the violence of Earth's formation ...more »

Project Reviews

  • I remember rating this on Page-to-Fame. Great idea for a book!

Squawk of Death


I didn’t even get time to finish the thought when the first chicken came chargin ...more »

Submission Reviews

  • Chapter 1:
    I can see the movie now... Jurassic Henhouse or Night of the Living Chickens or ...
  • Prologue
    This is absolutely hilarious. I'm laughing at my desk and people are looking at ...
  • Explanation of the idea
    I clicked your link but it didn't seem to work. This is absolutely hilarious, wh ...

The BBQ Challenge


Write a scene taking place at a BBQ where all is not what it seems.

Project Reviews

  • Chewing on a spare room, was he? Quite a mouthful...

Road To Discoveries.


These poems, like most, are a reflection of my life and the discoveries I've mad ...more »

Submission Reviews

The Picture/Sentence Challenge


Finish the scene evoked by this picture and sentence in 343 words.

Submission Reviews

  • The Voice
    Beautiful imagery and language though I found the overuse of proper names and pl ...
  • Shelter Us
    Excellent!  Couple of nitpicky things to make it beyond criticism:  In the o ...
  • On the trail
    This is absolutely hilarious and I'm giving it 5 stars despite the atrocious gra ...