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Portals of Paradox: Metaphors (Chapter Two)


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The March Challenge: Falling


Falling in and out and in and out of love...

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  • The Falling Man
    Gee Rik.  Just a little note to let you know I read this - with delight, - but a ...

An Alien's Guide to Invading the Earth

Sci Fi/Fantasy

You are an alien, and you've got your eyes on the lovely blue planet, but those ...more »

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The May Challenge - Believe

Alternative History

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  • Day Seven
    Hi Rik:  I found it difficult to 'believe'.   Particularly the change in the man ...

Just write

Short Story

Short stories, poems, thought, letters, articles, etc. Just write something, wha ...more »

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  • Hallelujah
    Gerald. Firstly, this was not a 'rant'.  It was not 'against' anything.  It was ...

The Micro-Autobiography Challenge


Write an EXTREMELY short autobiography, max 75 words.

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Heavens Journey-My Secret Diary (autobiography)

Memoir/Narrative Non-fiction

contains 300 short stories in autobiographical form

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The NaNoWriMo November Challenge


Write the best opening or closing chapter to a story to win an iPad mini and (ma ...more »

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  • Black Diamond's last chapter
    You've got a Portal too, but I['m not sure I would want to go through it.  Glad ...
  • Between
    the seed he planted 'would' find enough... and (your) day will be better.  Is yo ...
  • Songs from the Minaret
    A poetic masterpiece.   I found sometimes  however that I could get so caught up ...
  • Cassia
    Excellent description and a real talent for narration  The opening seems familia ...

The Prophet

Sci Fi/Fantasy

When you see things that others do not, they call you mad.  When you go where ot ...more »

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  • The Prophet
    I actually remembered reading this.   Hope that indicates to you that your writi ...

The Lady Of Shallora


Adult  Novel -16 Chapters - containing dark undertones: Vampires, Witches and Wa ...more »

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Solomon Fierce


Retired ghost-hunter Solomon Firece never believed in the supernatural.  All tha ...more »

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  • Prologue
    After reading the prologue and the comments, I can only say that this indicates ...