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The January Challenge: A Fresh Start


Show us what inspires you...

Project Reviews

  • ...  Whit was he thinking about, that he jist gied the boulder    a wee shove? B ...
  • Not a chance, Chris. I don't do inspirational

The December Challenge: 12 Steps Until the End


Step one: start writing

Submission Reviews

The September Challenge: Come Here Often?


*winks* 🥂

Submission Reviews

  • Hmm...
    I thought at first the whole story was going to be just one kiss. And I liked th ...
  • Anticipation
    You're in your element here, aren't you Sue? And don't I know Lachlan? I'm sure ...
  • Porn-oh
    Alec, what can I say. There is a brand of writing in which you are the acknowled ...

The August Challenge: The Dinner Party


What's on the menu?

Submission Reviews

  • Delicious - Revised
    characteristically whimsical, or surreal, whiehever you prefer. These cannibals ...
  • Whodunnit?
    I'd market this as Agatha Christie meets Hunter S Thompson in Tron. A sure fire ...