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Get Licked

Women's Fiction

A work in progress about a young professional woman who leaves behind the corpor ...more »

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  • 1. Chapter 1
    "As she approached the neighborhood gathering, she searched the cotton-candied f ...

Reyyan's Penance


In some religions, God sternly warns against disobedience. In others, He forgive ...more »

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  • It just occurred to me that your comma is misplaced in that line I mentioned. It ...
  • I saw this story on PageToFame and gave it a 5! It's so interesting, the way you ...

The Ghost in the Shell


Jessica Kim is not human.  Or at least, she's not sure she is.  She feels empty, ...more »

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  • Social Interaction Networking = Very good abbreviation!  Sounds like you might h ...

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  • Chapter 4
    Good. Still love your voice. It's awesome. And the plot is very good; you're sti ...
  • Chapter 3
    Very good! This one flows much easier than your other chapters, and I can feel t ...
  • Chapter 2
    Good, very good chapter. I like how you ended it, but it feels a little unfinish ...
  • Chapter 1
    Much better! It's more of a 4.6 at this point, but 4 just isn't enough, so I rou ...
  • Chapter 1
    With the feel you're giving this story, you could do much better than this. I sa ...

One Little Valentine


A story of guy who met one girl on bus-stop, and that meeting change him forever ...more »

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  • I would appreciate it if you spelled it out instead of using the '&' sign. Also, ...

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  • 1:Nikhil
    The story seems good but I find it very hard to read because the wording is chop ...



What if you sent a text message to a random number, you got a reply, and it chan ...more »

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