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Sci Fi/Fantasy

Isolated in the forest during the worst winter in memory, the village of Lonepin ...more »

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  • Prologue
    Hi, and welcome to WEbooks community of writers.    I've read your first piece, ...

The May Challenge: Three Things


Three words, many different directions, where will yours take us?

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  • Cheeze!  I've been missing out by missing this thread.  Gonna have to make more ...

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  • Into the Forest
    An excellent rewrite, Lou.  Nicely done!
  • Into the Forest
    Whew!  That was quite a ride (no joke intended).  You've left me wanting more of ...
  • Origami
    Thanks, Alec.  Fixed the word.  Got carried away with the idea and lost a part o ...
  • Divine Intervention?
    I liked this very much, but being a busy-body, I do have a suggestion.  The firs ...

Shattered Past


"I survived because the fire inside me burned brighter than the fire around me." ...more »

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  • Looking forward to seeing the actual story.



Murder and magic in Victorian Liverpool

Project Reviews

  • Hi.  Just attempted to read your first submission here on WEbook (welcome, by th ...

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The Planner

Short Story

A short story about a female college student told entirely in list format.

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  • The Planner
    Hi, and Welcome to WEbook.  I really like the concept you've created here.  It i ...

Shades of Blue

Personal / Confessional

Poetic Reflections on Life

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  • Three falls
    Interesting.  But, truth to tell, I cannot find a definition for the word "persu ...

Lust or love?


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  • {No Title}
    Hi, Lauren, and welcome to WEbook.  I must say I'm of two minds as I read your f ...

Out of the Woods


Every year 6 children are taken into the woods to never return. And when Jenny l ...more »

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  • Hi, Reese, and welcome to WEbook.  Interesting start.  Looking forward to seeing ...

Just Beat It

Family Life & Saga

Story of a tough man and his tough times which didn't even lasted for long.

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Untitled (will come up with title later)

Sci Fi/Fantasy

blah blah blah

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  • Hmmm.... Not the best start.   Looking forward to seeing your work.  By the way ...