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The underworld of Little Asia


Murder and magic in Victorian Liverpool

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Impossible Things

Sci Fi/Fantasy

How would you like to bend the rules of reality?

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  • Chapter 1
    Pretty good stuff, here.  As I mentioned in my previous note to you, there is ro ...
  • Prologue
    Hi, Mariella, and welcome to WEbook!  While I am not a big fan of prologues, I h ...



The date started off much better than expected. But the night which was expected ...more »

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  • Are You Ready? :)
    Hi, and welcome to WEbook.  I've read your first posting here, but I'm afraid th ...

The October Challenge: The A-Z of Fear


Welcome, welcome, welcome...

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Duality: The Chronicles of Landris


This is the pre-quel to my premiere novel: And She Fights. Some back story to th ...more »

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  • Still waiting for this to start.

It's Complicated

Sci Fi/Fantasy

A man lost in time, fighting the enemy across eras.

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  • Sounds like fun. Will you be posting any time soon?



John Hart, a modest man from a bad neighborhood tells all about his struggles on ...more »

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  • Unstarted?

The September Challenge: Come Here Often?


*winks* 🥂

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  • Loved this.  An exotic, erotic "slice of life".  I especially liked the end, and ...

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  • A Day at the Races
    Loved this.  An exotic, erotic "slice of life".  I especially liked the end, and ...