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Breaking The Block


The Writer's Block

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  • Acrostic Poem Practice 1
    Let me alter it a bit and see if you fancy the end result better ;)  Dusting thr ...
  • Untitled
    Wow!  Intelligent people do suffer a lot that's unfair but sadly nothing can be ...

The July Challenge: Pick a Spot


No matter where you look, there's always something happening to someone

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The June Challenge: One Day


A lot can happen in a day and a night...

Submission Reviews

  • Peaceful atom
    Are you the real Martian?  What do you look like? I'm keen on finding out :P  Th ...
  • Peaceful atom
    Duncan,  It's far from the finish. I'm trying to get as much feedback as I can b ...
  • Tentacles
    Same day? Reminds me Groundhog Day but a lot worse while dealing with little dev ...