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The November Challenge: Disappear


What if it wasn't there any more? Then what would happen?

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The October Challenge: The A-Z of Fear


Welcome, welcome, welcome...

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  • Bad Smells
    Top bunk? Ah but there's a draft coming in through the ceiling to take the farts ...
  • Anterograde
    Now that is horrifying! That is looking-in-the-jaws-of-death horrifying!
  • Sophia's Saviour
    A clever and original theme. I liked the way in which you introduced each person ...
  • Autophobia
    Oops - don't know how I  managed the blooper below!
  • Autophobia
    I like your original take on the theme - a song! I think many people would relat ...
  • Analysis Paralysis
    Bummers aren't they? Love this one - very funny.


Short Story

Submit short stories you have written to this project. The SSW was made for thos ...more »

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  • Matariki
    What a neat story! It has a charming rhythm to it and reflects the joy of the fe ...

The September Challenge: Come Here Often?


*winks* 🥂

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