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The "Dear John" E-Mail Challenge


Write a fictional breakup e-mail to either a male or a female.

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  • Dear John, You suck. Get your stuff and out of my life. Bye! have a nice rest of ...

teens under cover

Young Adult/Juvenile

it's been years since the government shut down their move gifted spies. and it i ...more »

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  • Oh my gosh I love those books I have two of them

Help! I think I'm falling for my stepdad!


Ashley was shocked to find her mother married to a much younger man, but the big ...more »

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  • Chapter One
    Oh ho ho man this is GOOD stuff!!!!! you've really got what it takes to be a wri ...

Write Six Word Novels!


Can you write a six word novel? Its possible!

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  • So she died peacefully and calmly

The Injury Scene Challenge


Write a short scene in which a character is injured.

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  • Cool I'm gonna work on my entry

The Uniques


Make a character

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Soaring Dreams

Memoir/Narrative Non-fiction

The true story of a true girl...

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  • Wow thats something I'd like to read! When are you posting chapter one? Please t ...

I Need A Really Cool Hero!


Ok so, out of no where you're getting kidnapped and you need a hero to come save ...more »

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