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Midnight Hour

Romantic / Love

Flesh made fantasy. Fantasy made reality.

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100 Themes Challenge

Fairytales, Folklore & Mythology

Can you write in a topic?

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  • 23. Mother Nature
    Mother Nature IS the dirt. She can't be buried in it.
  • 91. Drowning
    Oh my gosh, thank you so much! That's the nicest compliment anyone's ever given ...
  • 88. Pain
    I love how you used the story of the fall of Atlantis. Very creative.

Life, Friends, and Family


You know, poems and short stories about life, friends, family, everything

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  • Friends
    I agree. v.v What is happening to our little group? *sigh*

This Is Your Notebook. Write In It.


I find that I need to carry around a notebook when I have sad, brilliant, exciti ...more »

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  • Relapse
    I didn't write this about me. But it's based off of a true situation about a wom ...

Are You Afraid to Die?

Young Adult/Juvenile

"You killed him." Her whisper of truth brought me to the edge of my sanity, and ...more »

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