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The Daily Deal Write-up Challenge


Write a 300 word "deal" on a deal you make up.

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  • ZEP
    Lol, this is great! Where can I buy one of these? ;) Congrats on winning!

Stand by Me

Memoir/Narrative Non-fiction

A total, and almost complete collection of my thoughts and/or liberal actions. I ...more »

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Short Story

Submit short stories you have written to this project. The SSW was made for thos ...more »

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  • Young Adult
    Oh, that was slang? Well that makes sense. I guess it's just because I never hea ...
  • FAQ
    Of course you can! Post as many short stories as you want.
  • Young Adult
    Well, first off, I did a double take after reading that sentence that Pandoress ...
  • FAQ
    Actually, the "never was human" rule can be omitted.   Vampires and Werewolves ( ...
  • FAQ
    There's really no solid distinction between paranormal and supernatural. Here is ...

Prompt Mania


Writing prompts to help improve your skills and battle the dreaded writer's bloc ...more »

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  • prompt #39
    Umm, I think this would be prompt # 39   We haven't gotten to # 100 yet.
  • Prompt #38 entry
    Awesome! I loved what you came up with for this prompt.  Great job showing the ...

Tips to become a better writer


For people who need help to become a better writer.

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We are all just slaves.

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