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It involves more than the outer appearance....just hold

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  • Chapter one
    This is great! I'm not sure about what exactly to say. In precious times you've ...

Project SuperNova

Sci Fi/Fantasy

It is the 39th century, and humanity is once again at war. The Union has attacke ...more »

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  • The good thing about Sci-Fi is that you can get imaginative you can create other ...

The Inanimate Object Challenge


Write a 100 word paragraph from the perspective of an inanimate object.

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  • Reflections
    This has possibly been one of the best entries I've seen for this category and i ...
  • Neglected
    Amazing! At first let me just tell you that the title was the first thing that a ...

"Decide, Freak."


June Batter, eleven years old, was really awkward. But then she learns to be COO ...more »

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The Elementals

Sci Fi/Fantasy

A young boy of 16 comes into his birth right powers on a school trip. What he do ...more »

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  • Prologue
    All well this is a very interesting and good read but I would give you some feed ...

Psychological Writings 2


Just thought I'd make a part two.

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  • Sunset
    I like it but it doesn't quite seem like its in a poem format. What I would sugg ...