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The Christmas Challenge


Write the best 500-2000 words telling an alternative version of the Christmas st ...more »

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penbuddy's best 3 poems


contest 2009 summer  PLEASE pick the your favorite three from the five posted he ...more »

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  • To The Shrink
    I found this would be a great song, I can even understand the feelings and the m ...

The Wilting Sunset

Family Life & Saga

"Please Tell Me Daddy, to end my sorrow, will I know you, when it comes tomorrow ...more »

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  • Chapter 5
    this is very interesting my friend will be following your saga as it goes on.
  • Chapter 4
    will have to read more. But having a quick stop for dinner.
  • Chapter 3
    great love it.
  • Chapter 2
  • Chapter 1
    wow very powerful, I can imagine being in his shoes how awful to feel like that. ...

Dark Children Poems


Poems in a simplistic nature for children, but not for children at all

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Tales For Children

Short Story

Variety of fun stories for children of all ages

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Speaking to One's Own Self

Short Story

Put here the conversations that you would have with yourself.

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  • Listen to me
    I think this should be printed as I have had a moment like this myself, I love t ...
  • Knock Knock
    I like this alot and have plenty of inane converations like this, usually when I ...

Lost Soul Prophet: Forgiven Yet Forsaken


As if the original weren't enough. This book will contain just as pondering, emo ...more »

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  • Confession
    Hello my friend, hope your well. Love  this poem as much as some of the others I ...


Memoir/Narrative Non-fiction

This a memoir that most people think is fiction

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  • The only advice i can say is to write what you feel in your heart, you will feel ...