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The September Challenge: Come Here Often?


*winks* 🥂

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  • Anticipation
    Nice! A sweet tail of seduction. I’ll admit that the part about him having alrea ...
  • Hmm...
    ‘His mouth was ‘humid’’… Humid felt a little off here, and using the word ‘child ...
  • Alice and Freda (1890s/Nonfiction)
    Whoa! Holy crap! That took a rout I wasn’t expecting.  One small nitpick; since ...
  • Porn-oh
    Haha, a fun read! Humorous as usual! A few small nitpicks though:  This started ...

The August Challenge: The Dinner Party


What's on the menu?

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  • Group Therapy
    Alright, this was pretty good, probably one of my favorites of yours. Proud to s ...
  • Murder in the Tower
    Thanks for the read and comment Chris, appreciated. I assure you that I wrote th ...
  • Seder
    Nice! This was well written, easy to follow, and definitely a creative take on t ...
  • Time's Justice
    Nice! This was a really good read and a really good idea. Your scenes were easy ...
  • Whodunnit?
    Haha, another entertaining read. It took me a bit to figure out what was going o ...
  • A Slice of Life
    Nice! A sweet little romance story! This was easy to follow and get into.  For t ...
  • Murder in the Tower
    Sweet! Thanks guys! Made a few changes and edits.

Hope in Ashes

Sci Fi/Fantasy

A post-apocalyptic story about two survivors that search for their missing daugh ...more »

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The July Challenge: Pick a Spot


No matter where you look, there's always something happening to someone

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  • Time to Shine
    Sweet! Thanks for the feedback!
  • The Evacuee
    Nice! This was a really good read.  My only little nitpic is maybe to include Ed ...