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The March Challenge: Falling


Falling in and out and in and out of love...

Project Reviews

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  • Funny
  • Funny
  • Not totally.
  •   So, I am guessing three or four of the February finalists have died of old age ...
  •   The Divine Miss M. is back. Good to see you Icon. I do miss you, BELIEVE IT OR ...
  • sorry, corpulence
  •   Sometimes I write something here and then I look again fifteen minutes later a ...
  • Grafiks Advertising I've had the name Grafiks since I was in college. 45 years. ...

Submission Reviews

  • A Constant State of Love
      Tony, as always, wielding a sharp analytical mind. I felt bad for the baby bot ...
  • Fed up!
      I totally agree with LOU. > Long descriptive texts honestly make me want to sl ...
  • What is Love?
    For the Hole!
  • What is Love?
    LOU, lmao WTF  Rob / Eric / MasterCaster, BSBO
  • What is Love?
    LOL, LOL, LOU, LOL,  BSBO  Funny, my initial response was to hurt you!
  • Dear Olive
      Read this again, keeping in mind the 'text' application and the recipient is y ...