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getting ahead of us...


poems looking forward, some hopeful, some dismal, some thoughtful

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  • passing
    I love the positivity this exudes....It speaks to embracing the moments we choos ...

Now what...?

Memoir/Narrative Non-fiction

Hmmm, I'm just going to start writing again...its always been a great outlet. Re ...more »

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  • Living
    Thanks Jimbob,  I have been working through my own personal recovery since Jan ...
  • Living
    Thank you ~P...I will take that into consideration. I appreciate you stopping by ...

Memo From Attila The Pun

Short Story

A humorous take on life that deliberately misuses the English language.

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  • 07/10
    ok...yes the translation is the same, I see that now!  lol You are too funny P.
  • 10/10
    I need to have a quick eye for are just too good! A few things jumped ...

The Laxative Mind Effect


The beautiful mind , emotional instability, the causes, effects, and the healing ...more »

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The Poetry of Wendy Brady and her best and loyal friends, Volume Two


Our project's simple, it's open to everyone, alive here on WEbook...all welcome, ...more »

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Space Junkie


A collection of writings I've done over time.

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  • Love
    It's been a long time since I've read your writing...I loved this one. It had me ...

Jimbo's Poems


My project will be a collection of poetry being submitted for consideration in A ...more »

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  • The Fight
    On the prairies it seems a constant battle! Nice write, it sounds like a histori ...
  • Flames of Desire
    That is intense...The perspective of an arsonist and what may fuel their quest.. ...

What Happens After Heaven

Sci Fi/Fantasy

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Depression TV or My Father


Life in a cycle of enabling addiction and the aftermath that becomes your whole ...more »

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  • Is your writing available? I'd be very interested to read it..