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Fortunately/ Unfortunately


This is just a really fun writing "game"

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  • Fortunately, Fiona got a wig. At the wig shop, the cashier loved her new look so ...

A Prompt a Day Keeps the Block Away


365 unique writing prompts, 365 days, a pinch of inspiration and a dash of despe ...more »

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  • Sounds interesting; I'd love to participate:]

Express Yourself!


The best way to get something of your chest is to write about it!

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  • You were my life, my hopes, my dreams, my future... I thought.  I realized, a li ...

Write Six Word Novels!


Can you write a six word novel? Its possible!

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  • My  life; I lived a lie.

911 Writer's Block Challenge


Submit a great writer's block breaker, and we'll add it to the site!

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  • Where do forgotten dreams go?