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The May Challenge - First Line Imitations


Once upon a time, in lands both far away and right up close, a favourite story w ...more »

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A December to Remember Challenge


December is a time for peace, faith, love, and reflecting upon the stories which ...more »

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The September Challenge - The Urban Picture Challenge


This month we've been asking around WEbook to find your what YOU want to write a ...more »

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The February Challenge


This month, we’re challenging you to celebrate the uniqueness that is February i ...more »

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The NaNoWriMo November Challenge


Write the best opening or closing chapter to a story to win an iPad mini and (ma ...more »

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  • N/A
    This one has a much more compelling hook. Sometimes throwing the reader into the ...

The October Challenge


Write a story and you could win an iPad Mini!

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  • Rotten Apple
    This is a beautifully conceived story, unfolding with the logic of a fairy tale. ...
  • The angels have left.
    First, I don't know why your word count says over 1400—this looks like a normal ...
  • Morphed
    This was effing fantastic! The writing and the story moved along effortlessly, a ...