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The "Dear John" E-Mail Challenge


Write a fictional breakup e-mail to either a male or a female.

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That's Dumb! (or How To Be Dumb)


What is the dumbest thing you ever saw or did?  What are the dumbest things you ...more »

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  • Dumb apology.
    The Japanese have a habit of apologizing for every little thing, so I can relate ...

Rampant Thoughts

Short Story

Some sad, some silly, all awesome.

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  • In the Cafe
    Hilarious!  You've captured the slack-jawed gawking so perfectly.

If it doesn't kill you, it makes you cry.

Memoir/Narrative Non-fiction

A place to tell your deepest darkest secrets.

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How to Succeed as a Supervillain

Short Story

A look into some of the common mistakes made by supervillains and how to prevent ...more »

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  • Hiring Henchmen
    Henchmen can't be too attractive, charming or likeable.  The fewer redeeming cha ...