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‘‘What’s wrong?’ He asked, staring into my eyes. I pushed his hand away from my face. ‘What did I do?’
‘I should never have believed that someone like you would ever be into someone like me, for who I AM!’
My words cut into him and hurt flashed across his face. ‘What’s that supposed to mean?’
‘It doesn’t matter, it’s done and we’re done.’ I pulled my arm away from him and left. Blinking away the tears threatening to break my barrier of strength.’’

According to Frankie Viking, her life is a complete and utter mess. She had a father who never loved her, or wanted her, a mother who is to ashamed to even introduce her to her friends, and an older sister who is sick of her attitude. Life is so much fun for her.
Above all she is kicked out of school then sent packing to live with a family she barely knows.
If only she knew this was the best decision made in her life. A cousin who stands up for her, Having a newer and more trustworthy best mate, and a boyfriend of her dreams.

But she is holding onto a secret. One that she has been carrying with since she was 14. A secret that she might never be able to let go.
Frankie Viking is one bad tempered girl. Punching a girl in the face and setting a lab on fire is just a regular way to get out of school. But when her mum sends her to the other side of the country, will Frankie finally settle down and find real friends and a real family. or will her last chance just blow up in smoke, like usual.