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He was a werewolf, and she was a vampire. They despised one another, but come the age where they find out who their mate is, everyone was in for a huge surprise. that's right, they're mates.

 But that's not all, they don't have the courage to reject one another and slowly in time before they knew it, their hate turned into Love. Keeping their new found love a secret, they feared what both their kingdoms would think.

 Being the alpha and the queen of their pack and covens they have a lot on their plate right now, especially with the upcoming release of the beast. When they're both exhausted and can't take anymore the moon goddess came with some interesting news.


I entered the gym and my eyes landed immediately on Luke. And then like a wave of heat, the most amazing smell hit me. I wanted to bathe in it. "Iz him." Juniper, my vamp whispered. "Me mate."

With my vamp hearing I heard an almost inaudible "MATE"  beautiful silver grey eyes bore  into my amber ones. It took me a second to realize it was Connor. Why can't it be Luke?  I tried to run away using my vampire speed but juniper wouldn't let me, so I ran like a human being.

I looked behind me to see Connor only 2 feet away from me. Increasing my speed I took a sharp turn, not expecting it he  bumped into a locker. I giggled before realizing my slip-up and ran. Stopping shortly, at a dead end. I turned to see Connor only half-an arm's length away. My eyes widened and I nervously took a step back.

Man, I shouldn't have giggled. "Genevieve" He whispered, his voice thick with emotion. I shook my head. My heart was pounding so hard in my ribcage. I backed away from him my back hitting a locker.

 "No." I said sternly. I  hurried inside the locker my head hitting the top of it but never the less successfully entered the locker. Connor was a split-second late to grab me so instead of grabbing my arm he grabbed the air and hit his face on the front of the locker, with a loud thud.

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