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Get back into the habit of writing every day with WEbook's 500-word challenge.

Add your own chapter to this project and top it up by 500-words every day! This is an open ended, community-wide challenge, but you should aim to be adding to your chapter in 500-word chunks for 30 days. This will get you to 15,000 words in around a month (if you stay dedicated to the cause, that is) - which is basically a book!

There are no rules to this challenge, except....
1) You can write about anything you like (not really a rule when you think about it...)
2) You cannot spend more than TEN MINUTES editing your 500 words for the day (obviously only you can be the judge of this...)
3) Don't beat yourself up if you miss a day - this is supposed to be fun (again, not a rule just a motto to live by...)

You can also offer help and advice to other contributing members who have submitted to the 500-word challenge. Encourage them to stay dedicated and perhaps offer a few pointers on how they could make their stories better.

So, let's get writing!

**Don't forget that the WEbook staff are always on the lookout for the next WEbook to publish - perhaps this could be where you get started?**

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