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Blake Lender had lived in the same tiny town for seventeen long years. She was sick of the crazy citizens, the small town atmosphere, her six sisters, and just everything in general. Longing for the day she would turn eighteen and be able to leave, Blake commited to being the biggest trouble she can and rebelled against her family and everyone in the town.


Jess Greye was never a happy kid. When his mom passed away, his dad was just another drunk alcoholic making his living by stealing. When his dad was finally caught, Jess was taken in by foster parents in a tiny town, not even on the map. He could care less about the stupid town and it's traditions, and the crazy people who called it home. Right now, all he cared about was getting out of there. He hated every inch of it.
Except for one girl. Everybody told him to stay away from her, saying she was the rebellious one, the one nobody talked to.
When he saw her on the streets, everybody turned away from her and wouldn't look at her. Except for him.  All he heard about her were bad rumors. Every chance he took to talk with her, she pushed him away, hatred in her voice.
Could he get through to this girl who was so much like him? Would he finally be the one to break through her rebellion and reveal the true Blake Lender?

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