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That's right. This is a murder mystery, wolf in sheep's clothing, role-playing game!
And I'm bringing it to WeBook!

Now, how submission work goes is that generally, I am the ultimate moderator of games, when games are played. I will submit story work that you all follow for the mystery and you all start the game that way, and so on and so forth. If you by any chance happen to want to mod a game, you must message me so I can approve it. Then you may post a sign up list for players that want to play your game.

The rules are in the submission field.

WARNING: This, though casual with time, is a constantly moving game, therefore takes a promised level of COMMITMENT. As in you should contribute as much as you can to make the game fun for everyone, even if it's only a little bit per day. (People on WeBook at least once a day should have no trouble with this.)

For more information and Mafia game fun, follow the link to the home of the Mafia scum:

For a better understanding of the game, follow this link:

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