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Hello again to all the competitors, lets get right to it then. Here is what you have to do this time:
Take a famous poem or section of a poem and write a short story based on it, simple... OR You can take a story or small extract of a story (None of which can be from WEbook) and write a small poem about it! GRAMMAR AND SPELLING ARE ESSENTIAL - Last time we had a bit of confusion about this! Here in the Writers Guild we are looking for quality, not quantity, so here is what they will be looking for specifically:
They want to see what you really think of the story/ poem of your choice, they want you to experiment with it, in some ways, make it your own! But show the links are there!

This topic will tend to be easier if people have heard of the poem, so thats why the title of your submission should read: A poem (story) about (The title of the actual story or poem) - poem (Story).

For example; A poem about Harry Potter - Story

Well... get cracking, the competition ends on the 25th of June!

~Taking part? Like it? Check out the writers guilds very own group to be posted on any upcoming competitions or updates!

The winning submission to all of the previous projects are all here:

Special thanks to:

A huge support, supporter and the idea's person! She has been with us right from the start! Thank you again.

Again a big supporter, third time judge, thank you.

A brilliant member of the judging panel who we couldn't do without.

One of our new recruits. Thanks for your time.

Our other new recruit. Thanks again!

Anyone willing not to take part but would like to help judge the competition please message me. Two more spaces are left!